Model 8
Stereo Power Amplifier

Model8-205D Model8-300B

A warm, soft tone of the directly heated triode will fill the room
with enriching and the geniality.

You can choose 205D the starting point of the electron tube and
300B the king of the electron tube.

300B the king of the electron tube

300B was developed for the sound reproduction of the movie theater.
300B has a plain, warm, soft tone quality and an enough output.
Please enjoy the tone of the movie at the golden age.

205D the starting point of the electron tube

205D was used for the long-distance telephone and the movie sound in an initial age of the electron tube.
205D is from of old globular that leaves the look of the lamp.
Please enjoy antique shape and a lovely, neat tone.

Small and lightness

Space required for installation is width 12"(30cm), depth 8.7"(22cm).
Weight is also light with 19 lbs.(8.5Kg).
Please enjoy the tone of the directly heated triode easily.

Clear tone and appropriate output power

Model8 is three stage direct coupled and fixed bias circuit.
There is no thing interrupted from the first stage to the output stage.
This circuit achieves a clear tone and an appropriate output.
The output of 8W+8W is obtained in 300B.
The output of 2W+2W is obtained in 205D.

Low noise

Operation of filament with efficient DC/DC converter.
Low ripple high voltage power supply by FET.
The power supply with the latest semiconductor device achieves a low noise.

Steady operation of a long term and easy maintenance

Model8 has the automatic plate current adjustment function of the output tube.
The plate current of the output tube is kept an optimum value for a long term.
When output tubes are replaced, the plate current is automatically adjusted to the optimum value.
There is no adjustment work. .

Excellent parts

Attenuator for volume adjustment

R-core output transformer
R-core power transformer

Good quality capacitor
and resistor

The high-quality glass epoxy
print circuit board

Back panel layout

High quality parts are used for Model8. gold-plated RCA jacks, gold-plated large-size speaker terminal and the strongly structure chassis etc..

The technical description

Please look at Model8 technical description about an internal photograph, a circuit diagram, and detailed description.


Reasonable price

Model8-300B US$880
Model8-205D US$1,280

The specification

Model8-300B Model8-205D
Electron tubes 12AU7 x 1, 300B x 2 12AU7 x 1, FullMusic 205D/n x 2
Input RCA input (unbalance) x1
Output speaker terminal ( for 4 ohms to 8 ohms 乯
Output power 8W + 8W ( at 6 ohms ) 2W + 2W ( at 6 ohms )
Frequency Response 7Hz - 50KHz(-3dB) 25Hz - 60KHz(-3dB)
Gain 26dB 23dB
Noise 0.2mV or less
Dimensions width 12"(30cm), depth 8.7"(22cm), height 8.4"(21cm)
Weight 19 lbs.(8.5Kg)
AC Power Requirements 110-120Volts, 50-60Hz or
220-240Volts, 50-60Hz.(Choose at the order.)
Price US$880
excluding tax and shipping
excluding tax and shipping

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