FRONTBOX makes ANALOGDISCOVERY the same easiness as a general measuring instrument.

Discontinuing product

DIGILENT ANALOGDISCOVERY is a multifunctional, excellent measuring instrument.
However, it is inconvenient in the form only of ANALOGDISCOVERY (figure below) for the measurement such as the audiovisual equipments.
By using FRONTBOX, you obtain easiness to use similar to a general measuring instrument.

Because this item is a kit, the assembly work is necessary.
ANALOGDISCOVERY is not included in this item.


FRONTBOX has the following functions.

Input function

BNC input terminal
FRONTBOX provides with the BNC terminal for a positive phase, a negative phase, and a trigger input for two channels.
The differential input of ANALOGDISCOVERY enables the measurement of the balance output of the audiovisual equipments.

AC/DC switch
At the AC position, only the AC signal that excludes the overlay of direct current can be measured.
When AC is selected, it is measured through the capacitor of 0.01uF/630V.

HIGH/600ohms switch
The input impedance is switched to low impedance of 300 ohms for high impedance of 1M ohms for each single phase.
It becomes 600 ohms load between positive and negative phase when 600 ohms position is selected, and is suitable for the measurement of the audiovisual equipments with the balance output.

The single input measurement or the differential input measurement is selected.
At the SINGLE position, only the positive phase input is measured, and the negative phase input of ANALOGDISCOVERY is connected with the ground.
When the balance output of the audiovisual equipments is measured, the DIFFE position is selected.

Output function

BNC output terminal
Two channel BNC output terminals for the arbitrary wave generator of ANALOGDISCOVERY.

Potentiometer for output voltage adjustment
FRONTBOX provides with the 1K ohm potentiometer that adjusts the output voltage.
The screen of ANALOGDISCOVERY also has the adjusting function of the output voltage.
However, if the voltage is decreased on the screen of ANALOGDISCOVERY, the number of bits of DA conversions that generate the waves is decreased. It causes an high distortion rate and a low accuracy of waves.

In the measurement of the audiovisual equipments
The output voltage of ANALOGDISCOVERY is fixed to a high, and
A high accurate and low distortion rate signal is obtained by adjusting the output voltage with the potentiometer.

Extension connector

FRONTBOX has the extension connector similar to the I/O connector of ANALOGDISCOVERY.
The same usage as ANALOGDISCOVERY is possible according to the extension connector.

Schematic diagram

Schematic diagram of FRONTBOX

Circuit board

The circuit board after assembly work

The back side of circuit board


It is a solid case made of the steel board.
Because the effect of the noise prevention is high, a steady measurement is achieved.

Front view

Back side view

ANALOGDISCOVERY was installed.



FRONTBOX Kit Discontinuing product

Because this item is a kit, the assembly work is necessary.
ANALOGDISCOVERY is not included in this item.

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