Performance verification of FRONTBOX

Waveform observation
A sine wave and a square wave of 10KHz 1Vpeak are generated by the AWG application.
Those waveforms observed by the oscilloscope application.
A very precise and smooth shape is obtained by the ability of 14Bit ADC. The voltage accuracy is also excellent.
The shape is smoother than the shape of a traditional analog oscilloscope.

The bandwidth characteristic from the generation output to the input was examined by using the network analyzer application.
The output potentiometer of FRONTBOX was set to the half position (-6dB).
At the half position (-6dB), output impedances is the highest and bandwidth is narrowest.
The bandwidth of -0.3dB 1MHz and -4dB 5MHz was obtained. It is bandwidth enough for the measurement of the audiovisual equipments.

Verification of distortion rate
The distortion rate of 1KHz 2Vpeak sine wave that generated in AWG was measured by using the Spectrum analyzer application.
Distortion rate (THD) is -64.183dBc. It is 0.062% when converting into %. The componential analysis on each harmonics is obtained.
The distortion rate of the amplifier up to about 0.1% can be measured only with ANALOGDISCOVERY though it is inferior to a audio analyzer.

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