Usage restrictions of 10:1(X10) probe

There is a restriction in the waveform observation that uses 10:1(X10) probe in the oscilloscope application.
There is no restriction in the waveform observation that uses 1:1(X1) probe.

In general, when 10:1(X10) probe is used, 1KHz square wave is observed and the probe is adjusted.
When ANALOGDISCOVERY2+FRONTBOX2 is combined, the shape of waves cannot be adjusted enough by the probe.
It causes from parting of the resonator in the root of the probe and the measurement point because the input signal line is extended by FRONTBOX2.
The insufficiency of the adjustment is different according to the probe.

HP10041A Probe
Good waveform can be observed.

TEXAS60 Pobe
This probe can switch X10 and X1.
The corner inclines at X10. @  Good waveform can be observed.

YOKOGAWA@700996 Probe
The corner inclines greatly.

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